A manufacturing company with a focus on creating the future, using our original development technologyKansai Tube Co., Ltd.

Uncompromising Approach to Quality

At Kansai Tube, we use our original development technology to supply customers with high-quality and user-friendly tubes boasting excellent design features.

Our Businesses


Tube containers are used everyday by everyone, from children to the elderly. They contain pharmaceutical products, cosmetics, food, and other important contents, so they need to be very safe to use. Kansai Tube strives to gain the trust and meet the expectations of customers. We continually maintain our factory manufacturing environment to ensure it is clean and hygienic.

  • Laminate tubes that reliably and safely hold the contents.

    Laminate TubesLAMINATE TUBE

    Laminate tubes have barrier properties that plastic tubes lack, and they are supple and easy to squeeze. We have developed an original laminate sheet that can reliably and safely contain a tube’s contents, so it can be used in a wider range of fields.

  • Aluminum Tubes

    Aluminum TubesALUMINUM TUBE

    Aluminum tubes are widely used for pharmaceutical products and in many other fields that require containers which can reliably hold the contents. These tubes can accommodate any changes in their shape, which makes it difficult for air pockets to form.