Our Businesses

Trade Business

Making optimum use of our track record as an established trading company, we are building on a fundament of trust, and provide materials, processed products, and various end products.
In this process, we combine advanced technological expertise with a corporate culture of dedicated service to fully meet the needs and expectations of customers.

  • Metal materials in various shapes

  • Thin metal plates

  • Base plate

Metal materials are a major part of our business operations. We cover a wide range extending from various primary products including base metals and rare metals to the manufacture of secondary products (plates, pipes, rods, wires, strips).

  • Powdered chemical

  • Granular chemical

  • Liquid chemical

Dealing with many different customers, we provide a wide variety of general and industrial chemicals centered on various metal compounds, sourced both from Japan and abroad.

  • I-shaped steel

  • Automobile

  • High-gloss metal processed product

  • Railway vehicle

We combine a wide variety of materials with various processing methods to provide optimal products for use in industrial machinery, automobiles, railway vehicles, construction, etc.

  • Unusually shaped ceiling

  • Slightly protruding wall

  • Unusually shaped wall

We handle a wide range of tasks according to customer needs, from planning meetings to procurement of construction materials and processed products, and construction.