Special Grade / Development Products

Special Grade / Development Products

Non-medical deleterious substances

We offer developed antimony oxide products according to customer's requests and applications.

Custom-developed antimony oxide products

Composite flame-retardant auxiliary * Non-deleterious products

This product retains flame-retardant performance by mixing inorganic oxide with antimony trioxide. (Under development)

Nanoparticle manufacturing technology

Production of nano level metal oxide particles
We have successfully realized a technique for metal oxide nanoparticle manufacturing by using our technical expertise in powder manufacturing. We can also adapt our manufacturing technology to produce other types of metal oxide according to the requirements of customers.

Inexpensive manufacturing using gas phase method
We are able to produce metal oxide nanoparticles using a proprietary gas phase method, which is more cost competitive than conventional methods using plasma etc.

Metal oxide nanoparticles

Ultrafine particle antimony trioxide

Product BET specific surface area
BET equivalent diameter (nm) Application
Antimony trioxide
55.9 21 Functional filler for film
Tin oxide (SnO₂) 25.9 34 Gas sensor,
battery material

Needle-shaped antimony trioxide

Conventionally, the product will be an equiaxed crystal, but the needle-like antimony trioxide is orthorhombic and can be expected to function as a whisker, which improves mechanical strength and dimensional stability.
(Under development)

Functions / Product [Needle-shaped]
Antimony trioxide
Antimony trioxide
Flame retardance
Mechanical strength ×
Dimensional stability ×
  • Needle-shaped antimony trioxide

    [Needle-shaped] antimony trioxide

  • Conventional antimony trioxide

    [Conventional] antimony trioxide

Spherical antimony trioxide

Unlike conventional antimony trioxide, the particles are spherical. (Under development)

Spherical antimony trioxide

About antimony oxide

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