Tape / Belts


The band-shaped products are weaved like a cloth and are available in widths from 16 to 150 mm. Both ends will not fray.
Main applications include heat-resistant covering for jigs and pipes, and use as conductive tape in inspection equipment for electronic devices.


Belt-type products are made with a thicker yarn for increased thickness and strength. In addition to 100% Naslon® products, Naslon® / Ceramics blends are also available. Applications include cushioning material for glass bottle conveyors, heat-resistant packing, and conveyor belts.

Tape / Belts

Enlarged view of tape / belt

Product Size Material (g/m) Weave configuration (P 25.4 mm) Vertical × Horizontal Weight (g/m) Thickness (mm) Strength Standard length (m)
Type A W35SS SUS304 54 × 37 twill weave 20S × 20S 24 0.39 294 50
W50SS 33
Type B W16WS 20/2S × 20S 16 0.59 785
W35WS 36
W50WS 50
Type C W50WW 20/2S × 20/2S 66 0.76 765
W85WW 105
W150WW 191

* Numbers are for reference only. Strength unit is (N/25.4 mm) vertical