Cathodic Protection Zinc


Homogeneous cathodic protection zinc is made from the purest zinc with the addition of an element with high hydrogen overvoltage. When connected to a metal with high ionization tendency, the potential difference between the two causes a cathodic protection current to flow in the corrosion target. This electric corrosion protection method is called a “galvanic anode system.” Our products are equivalent to the U.S. military standard MIL-a-18001H.

• Cathodic Protection Zinc
Our cathodic protection zinc (CPZ) products use high-purity cathode zinc as a raw material and have won highest acclaim in Japan and overseas for the quality.

CPZ products

CPZ history

1956 Mitsubishi Metal Mining Co., Ltd. (now Mitsubishi Materials Corporation) begins production of CPZ at its Akita Refinery.
1957 Mitsubishi Metal Mining Co., Ltd. begins contract production of CPZ at Mikuni Smelting & Refining Co., Ltd. (now Yamanaka & Co., Ltd. Mikuni Smelting & Refining Factory).
2003 Mitsubishi Materials Corporation and Dowa Mining Co., Ltd. (now Dowa Holdings Co., Ltd.) form a capital and business alliance in the zinc business to establish Zinc Excel Co., Ltd. Zinc Excel Co., Ltd. begins contract production of CPZ and Alanode at the Mikuni Smelting & Refining Factory of Yamanaka & Co., Ltd.

Standard products

Used mainly for the cathodic protection of plant equipment and hull plates for ships. Stock product, therefore quick delivery is possible.

Special shapes

Used for ships as well as for various types of heat exchangers, seawater pumps and other applications. We have a wide variety of molds and can handle both small and large parts with sand molds.