Companies in the 21st century must not only to contribute to industry, economy, and society, but also engage meaningfully with environmental issues.
We have defined an environmental policy and are committed to protecting and improving the global environment.
In carrying out our operations, we give full consideration to environmental impact and implement environmental management based on the following environment policy.

Environment Policy of Yamanaka & Co., Ltd.

ISO 9001 certification

The Tokyo Logistics Center and the Mikuni Smelting & Refining Factory acquired ISO 9001 certification, the international standard for quality management systems.
We are striving to develop products that bring full satisfaction to our customers through continuous improvement of our quality management system.

  • ISO 9001 Management System Registration Certificate

    Mikuni Smelting & Refining Factory
    [September 22, 2000]

  • ISO 9001 Management System Registration Certificate

    Tokyo Logistics Center
    [November 14, 2008]

ISO 14001 certification

Our Head Office and Tokyo Branch acquired ISO 14001 certification. We are continuously strengthening our environmental conservation initiatives.

  • ISO 14001 Registration Certificate

    [June 18, 2004]