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Metal Materials

Ever since the company was founded, we have been handling metal materials from the base metals to the secondary processed products.

  • Nonferrous metal materials

    We handle nonferrous ingots and alloys used in various fields, taking advantage of the properties of the nonferrous material.

    • Nonferrous ingots and alloys
    • Cathodic protection materials
    • Rolled materials
  • Functional materials

    Nonferrous metals have various functional properties and are used in various fields including electronic products. We handle a wide range of high-function materials, including rare metals.

    • Electronic materials
    • High-function materials
  • http://dev.acc-test.net/yamanakasangyo/business/vendor/metal/building-materials.php


    We operate as an agency for domestic manufacturers, and we also handle various metal and resin special-order products.

    • Aluminum-resin composite panel
    • Construction materials